Lucy Gebeya

Lucy Gebya is an Ethiopian E-comerssse Digital marketing ,helping small Bussiness advertise and sale locally and Globally it offers the most effective Omni Channel Marketing service with a strong database service to client and business partners through out the world since 2017.

Formally established in 2017 by founder and CEO Abenther Moges, LUCY GEBEYA started with a humble beginning  with less than 3 employees serving and networking throughout social Media and locally door to door with  hand full

Of small Bussiness locally and globally, “Lucy gebeya ” has delivered high impact to clients from , Australia, Canada,Europe,United States and in Africa home town Ethiopia but due to the inferstractur  its not allow us to do e-comerse Bussiness as planned but  we are working hard to make it happen !!

** Most small Bussiness owner had the benefit to take a free lesson on how to market there product on social media and by interacting with a varieties of community’s  they  have made extra income sources for there Bussiness. Still the company is out sourcing with a new way to improve the quality of delivery by the end of 2020.

Abenther Moges is an experienced and client recommended digital marketing consultant on social advertising, and content development. Having been shared his personal thought about different industry topics on numerous authoritative websites,list of  things we do is sale your product services for  b2b and b2c.